Fascinating compilation of forward-thinking electronica...
'BLDG5 - Nightingale Floor'

BLDG5 is an internationally-renowned imprint, known for unearthing fresh new electronic talent.

Producing their first compilation at the end of 2013, the label is set to release a fresh instalment on February 5th.

'BLDG5 - Nightingale Floor' contains exclusive material from a shot of artists, including Garden City Movement and members of sought-after London collective 22a.

Label manager Udi Niv explains more...

Why did you pick these artists for the comp? What was the theme for the comp?
It's a great opportunity to work with artists we like and not necessarily signed to BLDG5. We picked artists that we have been following for the past year between local artists from Tel Aviv or producers from abroad. We have some remixes on the compilation created for the label artists from producers we like. When you make your list for a compilation you try to take the freshest stuff that can reflect your musical taste and that certain atmosphere you love. That kind of also answers the theme question because we work by our musical inspirations at a certain time so its not really a matter of theme but more of what we like and want to bring out for people to experience. You can see the evolution between the first compilation and this one. Its only natural.

Are you a fan of compilations in general?
I guess we are but only if its picked right and more important edited correctly. In today's playground you have so much music that you can miss and a good compilation by someone you follow and respect can resurface a track.

How do you keep things eclectic but still unified?
Its all about that atmosphere which we like. It could be a downtempo, kind of cheesy or 140 bpm heavy industrial track - it doesn't matter as long it holds that special atmosphere. Its not even something that you can explain in words but when we sit at the office and listen to something we know in a few seconds if we like it and it's right for us. For keeping it organized and unified with the different ideas in the compilation we even consulted with Amir Egozy from Kz Radio who is a great music personality and together we found the right way to organize it. We both also DJ from time to time, hosting radio and editing playlists for places. It's a question we ask ourselves each time we need to compile music. That's the magic of it.

What's happening with BLDG5 in 2016?
BLDG5 is still young and fresh and that’s giving us the opportunity to work on it one step at a time and follow our true passion. We have our artists working on their next albums and more to come soon. We did some great production in the past year, and we're having one next week, where we have the pleasure of hosting Jakko Eino Kalevi. We believe we'll keep extending our activity on those areas too.

What's next for Garden City Movement?
GCM are in studio working on new material that will gather into a debut full length album. I'm so lucky to work with them, every time they get into studio they evolve and progress with their sound and song writing. I can assure you will hear from them soon.

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