Opening 2013...

Well another year is over and we've survived some premature Mayan threats about its potential demise.

So you pretty much have to ask one question: has this year been good enough for music for the world to end on an epic note... Well the answer is a big old YES!

The main players of this year’s Northern Ireland soundtrack to the end of the world for me are first off the amazingly talented Wyldling. Fronted by the beautiful Jilly St John, the four piece have been thundering around the whole North Coast throughout 2012, filling every crevice with their own brand of catchy rocking tracks. I predict huge things for these guys if we ever get to 2013. Check out the bands very first official video made by Big Bad Llama below.

For a mellower sound to your end of days, my choice is Amidships. The Northern Irish version of Arcade Fire, these guys have with their special blend of melancholic rock a fierce intensity where each riffs speaks volumes. It’s been a whole year but Amidships track 'The One' is still an everlasting favourite of mine and I cannot wait to 2013 to hear more of the same from this band of wonderment. Check out 'The One' below.

Very new to the NI scene but a band I cannot get enough of are Little Bear. Little Bear formed little over a year ago and are yet to come into their own in NI. I predict huge things for these guys though and their my own hot tip for 2013. Little Bear’s music is full of brooding lyrics conveyed through Vocalist Steven McCool’s hauntingly thought provoking vocals. The band have covered the Christmas classic “Let it Snow” and turned it into a heart breaking beautiful melancholic Christmas tune. Check it out for yourselves below.

Finally my last favourite of the year is…. Drum roll please… Casion. What can I say I am a sucker for Gameboys! Casion was surprisingly refreshing at this summer’s NI festivals, with his own take on NI dance music what with his music consisting of a modified game boy. Casion is the wonderfully talented Jamie Lowry armed with little more than his old game boys. This guy is pretty different to anything else in NI, as let’s face it were usually much more of an indie/rock scene than a dance scene. (Apart from the awesome Japanese Popsters) but Casion is right up there with the Japsters and let’s hope 2013 gives him the platform he needs to start taking his music much further than this side of the pond. Check out a few of his tracks < href="">HERE.


Now that I have my soundtrack to the end of the world, who do I want to hear amazing things from in 2013? Well that’s also a pretty simple question to answer, as NI is nothing but full of great home grown talent. I expect almighty things from SOAK. The 16 year old singer songwriter (yes that’s right I did say 16 year old) is in her element in the Indie Folk world. Soak’s first EP is mainly songs about sea creatures apparently, well if that’s what they were intended to be about that’s cool with me because it doesn’t change the fact that each track, Bridie Monds Watson produces is a thing of beauty. It is hard to believe that someone so young can produce such songs beyond her years, as there are elements of a wonderful maturity in her music. Check out some of Soak's music below.

Other than fresh faced Soak, I am really really REALLY excited by And So I Watch You From Afar’s next offering coming to us in March 2013. ASIWYFA aptly named 'All Hail Bright Futures' is going to be the album of 2013, well at least in my opinion. The band has always been a force to be reckoned with on the NI scene, as they really are the monsters of our alternative rock scene with their infectious riffs, catchy tunes and incendiary drumming. I really just want to mosh around my bedroom every time I hear any tracks of theirs and this sneak peek from the new album is pretty much instilling the same feeling in me. Check it out HERE.

Well that’s it for another year so in the meantime keep on letting your ears listen to great things from Northern Ireland!

Words by: Dorothy Lawrence

Photo Credit: GC Photographics


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