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So while Peace, Troumaca, Swim Deep and Jaws branch out and represent Birmingham around the UK and the world this year. Who will be making sure that the local larks stay loud and lively?

The name coming forth from excitable Twitter accounts, real life conversations and gig reviews is Superfood; formerly known as Junkk who were formerly known as Baby 100. They may have taken a little while to decide on a definite name but they haven’t taken long at all to build up some musical street cred. Superfood started playing shows late last year and it’s through these shows that they have won hearts and minds instead of bringing home the buzz with a well-managed Facebook page. They are kicking it old-school in that respect and respect to them.

Another band who are about to be abducted by the fame ship and flown to greater heights of musical recognition are Evil Alien. A band who are influenced by film-scores and the darker side of 80s pop in equal measure. Their tunes are strange, enchanting and more than well worth a listen for those seeking music with added visual theatrics. Go see them live. Now.

So, good things definitely going to happen on some B-Town stages and there is also some recorded music about to be released from the labs of the locals to get excited for too. Cold Fields will be releasing ‘The Egg Shells EP’ in March and they won’t be keeping quiet and coy about it. They are going to celebrate it. Celebrate with them at Birmingham’s courageous canal-side music-dungeon, also known as The Flapper on Saturday 16th March. Local lads The British Kicks and Symfonyah will also be hard at work in the studio over the next few months.

Now for those of you who are more in tune with the rockier underbelly of Birmingham; Layers are the new dudes on the block with their single ‘Corners’. It’s a melodic rocker of a tune with a hardcore twist or is it a hardcore rocker with a melodic twist? Who knows. What’s for certain is; it’s ace and they are one to go see tear a stage up in Birmingham.

It’s not all about the dudes though, even though most of this letter has been a bit of a sausage fest. Cannon Street are here to even the playing field. Made up of two sisters with two gorgeous vocal tones, Cannon Street are winning hearts slowly but surely. In conversation they are two sassy but friendly city-slickers and when they slip into their Cannon Street musical zone, they become two sultry sirens.

P.S Birmingham’s love affair with shoe-gaze continues with Laced. Look out for their tunes, they are going to be sprung on the world pretty soon. Also, Tom Holloway (of The Arcadian Kicks fame) has started a new musical project called Juice. Keep your ears to your computers for some new sounds from him.

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Words by Jack Parker


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