Pasta la vista..

A few words from Jesse Rose...

“Every year I choose one artist to fully get behind on Made To Play. In recent year’s this has seen the likes of Riva Starr and Oliver $ break through and enjoy global success. In 2012 it’s all about Nat Self aka Zombie Disco Squad".

Over the past months I’ve been working heavily with Nat, AnR’ing this album and will be personally editing a track on every Zombie’s release to come out this year. I’ve put my money on ZDS being THE house artist of 2012.”

High praise, indeed. Zombie Disco Squad's debut album 'Brains' is set to be released on May 28th, an all killer no filler assault on the dancefloor.

The title cut has received the video treatment, fusing its hefty House wollop with animated pieces of pasta. It's a typically humorous way to treat Zombie Disco Squad - a producer who never seems to take himself too seriously.


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