The Radio 1 Dj shares his best and worst moments

The Radio 1 DJ and MTV presenter is a man of many guises. Here he recounts reaching rock bottom and explains why indie boys are bad at penalties...

My most painful injury
“Was a sprained ankle I got during a show a few years back. I jumped off a monitor and landed bad. It looked as lame as it sounds. I finished the show though. It was an idiot move.”

My worst hangover
“Was my first hangover. My older brother took charge of me one night but had also arranged for a house party at his flat. He merged the two. To this day I can’t really handle aniseed.”

My most memorable trip
“Is any trip that involves me and the family. Once you move as a team, you never want to move alone.”

The worst song I ever wrote
“I would like to think never made it on to a record. But, in the pursuit of making something timeless, you often fail. So, you be the judge.”

My most impressive sporting feat
“Was in goal during the Gonzo Penalty Shoot Out of 2008. Indie bands can’t handle the spot. It’s the pointy shoes.”

My worst Christmas
“Was my first in London. I arrived back on Christmas Eve to find our flat demolished and my flatmate lying on the floor staring straight up at the ceiling. He was having a full Cameron moment. You know that scene in Ferris Bueller? When Cameron sees the speedometer and freaks out? Like that. It was cold. I went to bed and woke up on Boxing Day.”

The coolest person I ever met
“Is my wife and our kids.”

The most disagreeable celebrity I ever met
“Used to be Damon Albarn. But now he’s a musician, he’s lovely.”

The lowest point I ever reached
“I took a submarine to the ocean floor on a recent holiday. I was, literally, rock bottom.”

The worst lie I ever told
“Was when I said to Ian Watkins recently that he looked well. He looked tired.”

The most romantic moment in my life
“Is waking up and going to bed.”

The last time I cried
“Was the other day during training. Squats. So many squats.”

My most shameful moment
“Was when I went racing out on stage and my shoe came flying off and landed in the photographer pit. We were supporting Public Enemy and Ice T. I jumped down to retrieve it and couldn’t get back up. My mate had to pull me back on stage.”

The best piece of advice I can give is
“Always play to your passions.”

The worst decision I ever made
“Was doing a voiceover for Train. My wife still gives me grief about it.”

The best coincidence I ever experienced
“Resulted in marriage, children and happiness.”

Words by Laura Foster

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