Simple, skeletal, beautiful


It's not a nice word, commonly associated with things which are, in turn, not very nice. But this London four piece are pretty damn tasty indeed.

Formed from the ashes of Cajun Dance Party, Yuck are the latest group to emerge as part of the whole shoegaze / indie pop revival. Deeply English, Yuck ironically boast an international line up.

Releasing material via their blog, Yuck sound like J Mascis on some serious downers. However before the band even escape cult fandom the Yuck have formed a new side project: Yu(c)k!

Early track 'Automatic' was a free download, with frontman Daniel Blumberg’s whispered vocals matched by piano chords which seem to fall apart at the seams.

Now Yu(c)k are set to return. The band are planning to release forthcoming EP 'Weakend' as a limited edition cassette, containing 'Automatic' and three other sprawling, slow motion gems.

Due to be released on American imprint Mirror Universe Tapes, the EP will be kept to a minimum of 100 copies.

Best check out the Porcelain Raft directed video then...

Yu(c)k - Weakend from Yuck on Vimeo.


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