Young Knives - Vision In Rags

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Geek chic. Post-punk.

Think you know Young Knives? Well appearances can be deceiving. The loveable weeds in tweed returned with their third full length album 'Ornaments From The Silver Arcade'.

While the lyrics were typically acerbic, the music was more varied than ever. Recognisable as Young Knives, this isn't quite a re-invention as a gentle tinkering with the engine. Shades of R&B run through the album, with the trio allowing their pop side to run free throughout 'Ornaments From The Silver Arcade'.

Spending the summer on the road, Young Knives are set to burst into Autumn with a new single. Stripped from the recent LP 'Vision In Rags' is a typically buoyant effort from the band, with guitars all a-kilter and vocals which hint at a tropical flavour as lead singer House of Lords explains...

The Lyrics were done by chopping up the original song lyrics and re-arranging them and glueing them back onto a big piece of paper. The final recording of this song as we used an old analogue rhythm generator set to 'bossa nova' to get the hissy drum machine noise. You can also hear Congas being played by the legendary percussionist Lenny Castro who has played with Toto, Steely Dan, Quincy Jones and Stevie Wonder. All recorded in Steely Dan's Drummers Studio over a Woolworths Keyboard and a toy steel drum while the crickets serenaded the night sky.

Out on September 12th, you can watch the video for 'Vision In Rags' exclusively on ClashMusic...

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