From forthcoming 'The Jojo Burger Tempest' album

Watch the official video for the Working For A Nuclear Free City track 'B.A.R.R.Y.', taken from their 'The Jojo Burger Tempest' album, out 19th September 2011.

Their first since 2007’s 'Businessmen & Ghosts', The Jojo Burger Tempest' is a two disc affair, featuring 15 tracks on one disc and the 30-minute title track on the other.

Talking about the album guitarist Gary said, “We made so many different tracks that for the listener to understand the last year of our creativity 10 tracks just isn't enough, I think that like it used to be, an album should be a document of what a band has been doing over a certain period of time. And almost everything should be included. Like it or not.”

And what of the album's curious name? “We were making so many songs that we just started saving them on the comp under stupid names, and this was one of the song names. The album was almost called Mrs Fuzzlekins Rides Again.”

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