For Band's Sold Out London Show

Liverpool's favorite marsupial-monikered popsters are set to hit London's o2 Matter venue for a sold out show this November, and Clash has tickets for the gig which can be snapped up by answering the question below.

The trio's new-wave pop has seen them sell out every date on their tour, unleashing a string of singles that have refused to leave the airwaves and bag themselves the 'Best Dancefloor Filler' Award, although we can't tell you for which song. If you know the answer, however, answer the simple question below and get you and a mate down the front if you win. They may even play their planned Christmas single 'Is This Christmas'..

The Wombats won an award for 'Best Dancefloor Filler' with the song 'Lets Dance To...'Click here and tell us which band?

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