Unreleased, Mammoth Box Set - Win Here

When chirping on the musical grapevine reached Clash HQ (News) that one of the best bands ever were set to release a massive box set on December 1st, we realised that as much as we'd love to bag the lot and sneak off home whistling 'Waterloo Sunset', we had to give you lucky readers the chance to get your hands on one.

This Box set, titled 'Picture Book', will include a mammoth 6 CD Set with over 100 tracks, and is also the first ever fully extensive Kinks Box set. Expect CDs of rarities, including live versions, un-released takes and re-mastered versions of some absolute classics in a lift-lid box. What more can we say? All you have to do to snatch the lot is complete the song title 'You Really Got...What ? Tell us Here

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