Label founder's top five tracks - win them here!

Celebrating its fifth birthday, Warp-affiliated online electro retailer is giving away some specially selected tracks via

Warp founder Steve Beckett has picked his top five tracks available at the store – click HERE to pay it a visit – and we’ve got them to give away (digitally) to five winners.

Steve takes us through his picks…

Broadcast (pictured) – ‘Tender Buttons’ (Warp)

Broadcast have got to be one of the most under-the-radar bands on the label relative to their levels of genius. This track holds every thing I love about Broadcast: complex warm organic melodies with brutal Germanic beats and Trish Keenan’s intense cut-up lyrics – wonderful

Autechre – ‘Drane’ (Peel Session) (Warp)

The sonic tension in this song gets me every time. A lot of people talk about how complex Autechre’s music is, but they often miss how beautiful and psychedelic it is, and it always has ‘the funk’.

Aphex Twin – ‘Bucephalus Bouncing Ball’ (Warp)

I love this tune on the b-side of ‘Come to Daddy’ – it rips speakers to shreds with the weight of the production and the ‘Bucephalus breakdown’ at the end of the track is inspired.

Boards of Canada – ‘Amo Bishop Roden’ (Warp)

Sweet psychedelic ‘80s funk - Boards have got a knack for sucking you into a tune within a few seconds and then just holding you there in the beauty of their sounds which connect directly to your heart.

Squarepusher – ‘Venus No 17’ (Warp)

This tune is so rough, I love the way it just keeps building and building towards the end of the track but still maintains this brutal simple swing to it. Tom holds back a bit on the complexity so this tune totally holds its own on the dance floor.

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To win these tracks, simply send us an e-mail with the subject line Giveaway (as written here!). You need not answer any question, but bribes are accepted. Include your full name. Winners will have an account created in their name on and credit provided to purchase the above tracks.

Send your entry to: Mike AT ClashMusic DOT Com

Simple. Good luck!


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