Now Play It has a unique new way to learn your favourite songs, from the original artist who wrote and performed it!

With those acts involved including Sir Paul McCartney, The Magic Numbers, Graham Coxon and Supergrass you can tell you're in for a special insight into the songs featured.

As well as your personal lesson (around twenty to thirty minutes one-to-one with your hero!), there is then a recap and a final run through of the song. As well as being entertaining these are properly structured and very useful learning tools.

Besides the 'all star' tutors there are also many other modern classics deconstructed by the Now Play It tutors, still featuring the easy to follow working method.

As well as their website where you can view and download lessons from an ever growing list, there is also a DVD available featuring some of their most popular lessons.

To aid the aspiring musicians amonst us, ClashMusic has 5 copies of the DVD to give away and, get this, an Epiphone Les Paul Special guitar!

What better way to practise than on one of the classic rock guitars, a Les Paul, so get practising that Jimmy Page stance!(dragon embroidered silk flares not included).

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To get you in the mood for some strumming , here is an exclusive clip of The Magic Numbers performing 'Forver Lost' courtesy of Nowplayit.


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