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Scandinavia - so much great music to answer for.

Yet the flood of talent from the region can make it difficult for new voices to be heard. Not that When Saints Go Machine have that problem - the band's unwieldy moniker ensures that they stick out in any conversation.

Formed by indie kids and techno outcasts, the Danish four piece completed work on their debut album earlier this year. 'Konkylie' was a ferociously intelligent, introduction, mixing expert production with a pop outlook.

Stripped from the parent LP, 'Parix' is a case in point. When Saints Go Machine have rarely sounded more ethereal, more dream like. Voices veer in and out of one another, with the production bubbling underneath the surface.

The effect is trippy, almost psychedelic, but without tripping into the retro trap. Rewarded with a suitably eye catching promo, you can watch the video for 'Parix' below...

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