'Every Morning (And For The Rest Of Our Lives)'

There's a glut of indie pop right now.

Almost every time Clash turns round a corner, we bump straight into a bunch of brogue-clad, Ukelele carrying twee types, brandishing a limited edition cassette. It can get a little wearing at times, if we're honest.

What will never grow old, however, is the power of the pop song. The Rosie Taylor Project come from the more earnest, sincere end of the indie pop spectrum - the sort of people who fell in love with The Pastels when they first heard 'Up For A Bit...' and realised that something, whatever it is, inside of them had changed.

New track 'Every Morning (And For The Rest Of Our Lives)' is a typically joyous example of what The Rosie Taylor Project do best. A stirring three and a half minute pop romp, this is all bruised romanticism, a breezy, literate track which at times recalls the righteous stomp of early Dexys.

- - -

Director - Ben Waddleton
Editing - Ben Waddleton, Jonny Davies
Camera - Nick Demeza, Oly Higgs

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