The Detroit set 'Senior Living'
Watch Royksopp Short Film

Watch Royksopp's new short film, 'Senior Destroy', set in derelict areas of Detroit and featuring songs from their recent 'Senior' album (the instrumental version of their 'Junior' album).

Directed by ThatGo's Noel Paul and Stefan Moore, Roysopp (Svein Berge and Tobjørn Brundtland) said of the end product, "Their (Paul and Moore's) urban dystopia is dark and disturbing, but in between we catch a glimpse of beauty - to us in the form of derelict, decaying industry. I guess we felt a kinship to this subject matter as it's the same kind of expression we dealt with on 'Senior' although we spun it around the other way; there's initial gentle and welcoming beauty, but underneath lies a lowering dark undercurrent - occasionally discharging malaise from it's murky depths."

Watch 'Senior Living' below.


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