Zooey and M.Ward get animated

Simply an excuse to publish a photograph of not-not-attractive actress Zooey Deschanel? So sue us. (Don’t, really.)

‘Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?’ is out Nov 3

But there is more: the She of She & Him is pictured because the pair – completed by the Him, aka M.Ward – have a new single forthcoming.

‘Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?’ is taken from the pair’s debut self-titled album, released via Double Six in July. Get the single from November 3. Newcomers, expect old-fashioned melodies mixed with country overtones. All in all, it’s very sweet.

Certainly as sweet as Deschanel herself. What’s this? A restraining order? Why you… Watch the Ace Norton-directed video below and tell us what you make of its Disney-gone-awry stylings by registering with ClashMusic.com here.


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