The first single from Doherty's debut solo album...

Let’s say you’ve been trapped under one of those rock things for a month. Bad luck. You’re probably pretty malnourished, dirty… Perhaps slugs have slithered all over your face. Gross.

Worse luck, though – you’ve missed all of our special Pete(r) Doherty exclusives. But fret not, because via the action of clicking the below links you, too, can enjoy having your senses of vision and hearing stimulated by the former Libertine’s solo offerings, rounded up as the album ‘Grace/Wastelands’ next month.

Listen to album tracks HERE.

Read our exclusive, uncut interview HERE.

And if it’s viddie content you’re after, you’re already in the right place (well, perhaps anywhere is the right place after spending so long under that boulder): below is the man’s video for ‘Last Of The English Roses’. It’s not half bad, actually, and certainly a million times better than the truly doubting few will have predicted.

Peter Doherty – ‘Last Of The English Roses’


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