A tidy taster of their debut album...
Let's Wrestle

The story goes something like this...

Let's Wrestle met years ago and bonded over meat and records. After a while a band was formed, and soon the world shall be conquered. Other things Let's Wrestle like include beer, Paul McCartney, model villages, Top Gear and Volvos.

Nice. To these ears, the trio - Wesley Patrick Gonzalez (vocals and guitar), Mike Lightning (bass and vocals) and Darkus Bishop (drums) - are one of the best rising bands in the country - they've a wonderfully astute ear for a melody, a neat line in propulsive percussion, and some of the finest lyrics this side of your favourite Fall record.

They are the aural equivalent of one of those smily emoticons you kids like so much.

'In The Court Of The Wrestling Let's' is the band's debut album, released via Stolen on June 29; the long-player is the follow-up to the group's superb mini-album, 'In Loving Memory Of...'. From the album comes this video (and single - it's available digitally), for 'We Are The Men You'll Come To Love Soon'. It's quite The Marvelous.

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