Six minutes of immersive beauty...

You’re more than likely new to Hammock if your tastes are summed up by the bands listed on the ‘most popular artists’ box over there. To be honest, if Oasis et al have floated your boats these past however-many-years, chances are this duo are going to blow your mind.

Really, really, really slowly. And beautifully. The kind of beautifully where all you want to do is see it happen again, hear it evolve again, progressing millimetre by millimetre, in heart-stopping frame-by-frame elegance. Like, you taste it on your tongue and want more.

Or, to cut the crap: fans of Sigur Rós, prepare to hear the band that the Icelandic sorts can only dream of reaching the heavenly heights of. Hammock’s music is less that, i.e. music, more sound, shifting with subtlety, every nuance rising and falling, a speckled sheet of brilliant tones and tangible textures; a rainbow splashed across a desert plain, the dark canvas of the countryside night sky illuminated by thousand-year-old twinkles.

Apologies. The video. This is for the track ‘Mono No Aware’, which is taken from the album ‘Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow’, picked as one of the finest avant-garde albums of last year on this very site – click HERE to read our thoughts.

And click the video below to find yourself somewhere else for a full six minutes. (Directed by David Altobelli.)

Hammock – ‘Mono No Aware’

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