Folk is dead...

Folk is dead.

Well, that's the message emblazoned on James Canty's home made t-shirt. As slogans go, it's got a certain something - especially amid the glut of Mumford / Marling wannabes seeping out of every pore.

Of course, he doesn't really mean that folk is dead, or that it should be killed off. Rather, the songwriter is placing a mark in the sand - for progression, see, you often need to eliminate the past. Futurism, but with an acoustic guitar.

So with those heady boasts behind him, ClashMusic is intrigued to offer up a preview. 'Shark In The Shallows' is all old fashioned charm, smooth talking charisma but with a sizeable bite.

Clad in a Davy Crockett hat, James Canty appeals to a sense of history without losing sight of the present.

Watch it below.

OBSCENIC SESSIONS | James Canty | Shark In The Shallows from OBSCENIC on Vimeo.


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