Behind the scenes...

Not many bands can survive the departure of their lead singer.

But then, Gallows aren't any ordinary band. Losing Frank Carter but gaining Wade MacNeil, the band have opted to steam ahead - producing some of their most visceral music in the process.

New album 'Gallows' drops on September 10th and promises to one of the band's most direct, pulse-quickening statements yet. Taken from said LP, upcoming single 'Outsider Art' is a case in point: 3 minutes 22 seconds of unrelenting adrenalin, it's a call to arms for anyone caught on the fringes of society.

The video has already hit the web, and is a typically striking visual document. ClashMusic has managed to grab some behind the scenes footage from the shoot, which captures the new-found chemistry within the rapidly evolving group.

Check it out below.

- - -

'Outsider Art' is set to be released on October 1st.

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