Inspirations, influences and more...

Formed by four record buffs, Veronica Falls are fuelled by an unhealthy vinyl obsession.

Two singles last year pushed the band to the forefront of the indie pop scene, gaining acclaim at home and abroad. Settling down to work on their debut album Veronica Falls made up a wee mixtape for ClashMusic.

Curated by James, the tape reveals Veronica Falls to have far more disparate influences than the 'indie pop' tag would have you believe.

Check it out below...

Read James' guide to the tape...

1. Left Banke. I’ve Got Something On My Mind
The Left Banke took baroque pop to new height without ever touching on passé ground.
They looked great and had better hair cuts than the beach boys. Unfortunately their leader took a leaf out of Brian Wilson’s book and quit the road to focus on the studio. This ultimately lead to the band splitting up long before their time.

2. The Turtles. She Always Leaves Me Laughing
This is off the Ray Davis produced Turtle soup LP. the Turtles don’t seem to have picked by quite as many fans in the last 40 years as they should have.

3. East Village. Strawberry Window
The East Village stand way above the other band’s from this period.
Seriously underrated, with only one L.P under their belt.

4. Slumber Party. Sooner Or Later
Slumber Party have released their records on Kill Rock Stars. They don’t play often and keep a low profile. This is off their third LP called 3. It has a vaguely similar feel to the 3rd velvet underground album.

5. Neo Boys. Poor Man’s Jungle
Classic Portland all girl punk band. Released a single on Wiper’s Greg Sage’s Trapped records label.

6. Go Sailor. I'm Still Crying
Rose Melberg and Amy Linton rocking out. I don’t really like music that evokes cardigans and cupcake stalls any more but this never fails.

7. Dolly Mixture. Will He Kiss Me Tonight
From the classic Demonstration Tapes LP. if the Shangri-La’s lived in Cambridge in the 80s (and had better songs)

8. The Shivvers. Teen Line
Once apparently voted “best band in Milwaukee” unfortunately the Violet Femmes lived there too so this is probably not true. But anyway, it’s a good song and the singer sounds like she’s going for it in the studio.

9. Kimberley Rew. Sick Of Hearing About Your Drugs
Rew was a member of the soft boys and Katrina and the waves. He wrote Walking on sunshine which probably makes him a lot more money than this track does.

10. The Rain Parade
The Paisley underground’s best exponent.

11. The Nerves. Paper Dolls
Classic LA power pop.

12. The Loft. Up The Hill And Down The Slope.
Pete Astor and co. open this track with one of the most atmospheric guitar intros ever.

13. The Wishing Stones. Beat Girl
Formed by Loft bassist Bill Prince. Apparently he now runs GQ magazine. Which goes to show anything is always possible.

14. Helium. Wanna Be A Vampire Too, Baby
Mary Timony in a beautiful hazy moment. Her new band (White Flag) with Carrie Brownstein and co will hopefully be as good as it should be. Im sure it will.

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