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With their third album proper released on May 25, Grizzly Bear are sure to have a busy 2009 building upon all the brilliance of their last LP, the acclaimed ‘Yellow House’.

‘Veckatimest’ is released (as was their last album) via Warp, and the New Yorkers are giving away a track from it today, for free. And here it is as our Track of the Day.

If ‘Cheerleader’ is a sign of things to come, consider us impressed and full of expectation for its parent LP. A slow dance orchestrated magically, all woozy romance and echoed percussion, the song’s indicative of its makers’ mysterious indie ways – ethereal yet absolutely of the moment.

Grizzly Bear are currently playing live at SXSW – follow’s content HERE.

Download ‘Cheerleader’ below, and find the band on MySpace HERE.


The full tracklisting for ‘Vekatimest’ reads as follows…

‘Southern Point’

‘Two Weeks’

‘All We Ask’

‘Fine For Now’



‘Ready, Able’

‘About Face’

‘Hold Still’

‘While You Wait For The Others’

‘I Live With You’



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