Slick gloom-pop featuring Dave Gahan

We’re getting our gloom on with today’s Track of the Day…

‘Visitors’ is the latest single from London-based avant-pop songwriter frYars. Quite the departure from the sounds of his much-lauded ‘The Ides’ EP, the track features a guest turn from Dave Gahan.

Yup, him from Depeche Mode. OMFG etc!

Known to his friends and family as Ben Garrett – he uses the musical moniker simply as a stage name, rather than an identity to hide behind (and the capital ‘Y’? If it’s good enough for KanYe…) – frYars has been bubbling under the surface of the mainstream for a little while now, but he’s sure to make good on plenty of potential in 2009. Alongside the likes of Esser and Micachu, he’s taking accessible pop in brilliant directions.

With aspects of his Bowie influence coming through, ‘Visitors’ is a Track of the Day to send you spiralling back in time… at least for a couple of minutes, before catapulting you into the future.

Stream the track below and download it for free HERE. Find frYars on MySpace HERE.


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