Enjoy 'Burn Baby Burn' on us!

Tis' Wednesday, and the TOTD machine is more pumped than Lordi on heat.

Rolo Tomassi yesterday, a spot of novelty today and then back to the freshest of meat tomorrow. White Denim anyone?

So, today, we're not boasting (maybe just a little bit), but since this elusive cover disappeared from myspazz, it has become absurdly difficult to track down. So one couldn't help but grin as we uploaded the delicate, tongue-in-cheek take on the Ash hit 'Burn Baby Burn' by the cutesy Emmy the Great.

You can triumphantly smile when you understand the witty cynicism of G B Shaw, or feel unique when your friends don't really 'get' Nathan Barley, but little complexity of mind is needed to burst into a proverbial session of LMAO, when Emmy's backing vocals fire in with "Shit! You're a shit! You're not a shit! Lick my shit!".

November's release of 'We Almost Had A Baby' will be the first single from forthcoming album 'First Love', to be assisted by the most miniature of miniature tours. Enough to satisfy the Emmy-addicts but for those less willing to travel to Glasgow, Manchester or London, there is promises of a comprehensive January tour. Fingers, legs, ankles, toes... crossed.


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