With 'Dressed In Dresden'

Tuesday finds Track of the Day once more hijacked by a band of Brooklyn-ites, today The Hundred In The Hands.

The duo are Jason Friedman and Eleanore Everdell, both former members of The Boggs (Eleanore in the touring capacity only) who created a musical ghetto away from the band which flowered after The Boggs were "set aside" (to quote their MySpace announcement).

'Dressed In Dresden' was one of the first fruits of the duo's creative efforts, recorded during a break in touring and which signalled the future of their relationship. “In the past, the collaborators I worked with would adjust what they did to fit my vision,” says Friedman. “Working with Eleanore it was clear that the time had come to shift into a more equal partnership.”

Listen to 'Dressed In Dresden' below.

You can also download the track here.

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