Brave New Bronx

Like Beirut's March Of The Zapotec, The Bronx have looked to Mexico for musical inspiration and guidance. Today's track is a cultural leap of faith from the L.A. punk rockers as they experiment with the romanticisms of Mariachi music. Meet Mariachi El Bronx.

We featured their single 'Cell Mates' as one of the finest releases in last weeks singles roundup, with their charming upbeat brass melodies and serenading romanticisms. Today's track leans away from romance, to general social entrapment, yet with the emphatic trumpets and vihuelas galloping behind Caughran's voice, this track just can't help itself from sounding like a cinematic soliliquy from a P.O.W in the Texan revolution. As always, a shiny free download is below.

DOWNLOAD: 'Slave Labor' (right-click, save as)

The Mariachi El Bronx album is now out, and you can catch them live, in full Mariachi gear, at Shoreditch Village Underground, London, on 22nd August.

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