Oh, Emily

America has a habit of throwing these things up.

Y’know.. that sort of collegiate, geeky yet adorable power pop thing which fuels everyone from Ben Folds to the Elephant Six. Hailing from Brooklyn, Jukebox The Ghost sit slap bang in the middle of this lineage.

Even their name gives it away. A fusion of Beefheart and Nabakov references, Jukebox The Ghost have a knockabout intelligence that it both self-effacing and utterly charming. Now onto album #3 the band have decided to ditch the lyrics about travelling through black holes in intergalactic regions, replacing them with something rather more personal.

‘Safe Travels’ is out on August 13th, with Yep Roc again providing the band with a home. The songwriting touches on McCartney and 60s bubble gum, alongside that off kilter, weirdo edge of New Wave inhabited by the B-52s. There’s a Ben Folds influence as well, with the material sharing his sense of laughing-to-keep-from-crying.

‘Oh, Emily’ is a case in point. Rattling along in a joyous ‘let’s hold hands and skip down the path’ kinda way, the song is actually about heartbreak, rejection and the pain of telling someone that you just don’t feel what they feel.

Poor old Emily... still, at least she got a fantastic nugget of three minute pop energy to soak up her heartache.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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