Groundbreaking Montreal Artist

What's going on with Canadian music?

Sure, the Northern nation has been producing the goods on a continual basis for over a decade now, but the music scene is often caricatured as earnest young bearded men playing suitably grizzly indie rock.

Now, though, Canada is producing a slew of forward thinking artists steeped in electronic production. Last year Azari & III released what was essentially a house record but communicated in quite abstract terms.

Now Grimes could be set to break through. Real name Claire Boucher, the artist has been working in Montreal since 2005 but only adopted her current moniker around 187 months ago.

A number of limited releases followed, setting the blogs alight in the process. Signing with respected British independent label 4AD, Grimes began work on a new album last year.

All the signs are pointing to something pretty special. Grimes seems to collate possible futures, mixing groundbreaking production work with a sense of nostalgia for inventive movements of the past.

Artists such as Kate Bush loom heavily, but in reality Grimes is much too complex to lumber with one term or parallel. At times bordering on dream pop, there is a vivid visual side to the Canadian artist's music that is perhaps inspired by her involvement with Arbutus Records - a label and collective in Montreal.

New album 'Visions' is due to drop on March 12th, and represents the boldest statement yet from the Canadian producer. Lead cut 'Genesis' emerged online recently, with its crystal clear sonics masking an allusive songwriting sensibility.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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Image by Karla C

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