RockNess Takeover

Sweden has been spoiling us over the past decade.

The country's music scene has been flooded with new talent, pushing boundaries and playing with their past reputation. Now Niki & The Dove have emerged, mixing a gothic sensibility with something personal.

No one in the band is called Niki, just as no one in the band is called The Dove. Instead, Malin Dahlström and Gustaf Karlöf team up to make music which has a witch-like sensibility, synth pop as stark an abandoned mansion left to rack and ruin.

It's tempting to view the band as the next step in a renewal of the gothic aesthetic. After Zola Jesu or Esben & The Witch the ideal of stark music married to lavish, windswept production has taken hold.

Early material certainly seems to back this up. Niki & The Dove have a sense of theatrics which is shared with fellow Scandinavians The Knife, a sense that pop should be at once natural and otherworldly.

Recent single 'The Fox' is a case in point. Released on Sub Pop, the track is apparently based on a cure for insomnia. "We got inspired to write "The Fox" when we heard this interview with this Swedish book author on the radio, the author describes a technique for insomnia where youpicture a meadow with a hill, AND at the top of the hill is a tree that a fox lives under, you walk up the fox and tell her all your worries and fears, the fox then digs a hole, buries the worries and lays on top. Then you are able to fall asleep".

Niki & The Dove are set to play RockNess this weekend - look out for more free giveaways later in the week!

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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