Ann Arbor Part 3 & 4

It's a fast world out there and it's only getting quicker.

The rate of change, the sheer acceleration of modern living is difficult to take in. Breezing past in a blur of updates, add ons and downloads it can be almost impossible to fully get to grips with the environment we live in.

Which is perhaps why music continues to play such a central role. Shigeto's recent album 'Lineage' made for perfect soundtrack material, building up and then dissolving with its own moods and whims.

An attempt to reconnect with his Japanese roots, producer Zach Saginaw seemed to hit upon something universal. Released to widespread praise, Shigeto is now set to follow 'Lineage' with a one off London show.

Soundcrash are planning to showcase Shigeto at the historic Koko venue, with visuals from Florence To. Taking place September 15th, support comes from Plaid, Eskmo and Illum Sphere.

As a preview, ClashMusic have been granted the stream of 'Ann Arbor Part 3 & 4'. Opening with the sound of rainfall and tumbling blue notes on the piano, the piece then kicks into a woozy, Dilla style beat.

Sucked down into bass textures, 'Ann Arbor Part 3 & 4' matches memory with fact, desire with blunt reality. Check it out below.


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