The man's own remix of Uffie-featuring track 'Steroids'...

Out now on Ed Banger/Because, the second EP to be ‘lifted’ from Mr Oizo’s ‘Lamb’s Anger’ album of earlier this year is ‘Pourriture’.

The release – available as a download and on shiny 12” (nice) – sees a number of ‘Lamb’s Anger’ tracks reworked by their own maker, including the above cut ‘Steroids’, featuring gobby Gallic gal Uffie. You know, the one what makes indie boys purr whenever shots like this get on the internet. You’re all guilty.

Listen to the track above (warning: contains NAUGHTY WORDS). The full tracklisting for the ‘Pouttiture’ EP is as follows…

A1 ‘Pourriture X’
A2 ‘Erreur Jean’ (Arveene & Misk remix)
A3 ‘Von Sen Lars’
B1 ‘Steroids’ ft. Uffie (Mr Oizo remix)
B2 ‘Lars Von Sen’ (X-mas version)
B3 ‘Con Tact’

AND THERE’S MORE… the clip below is a teaser for the ‘making of’ ‘Lamb’s Anger’, which our sources tells us is entitled ‘Con Tact’. So, yeah, check it out, and find Mr Oizo on MySpace HERE.


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