Chad Valley Remix

Success can create as many problems as it solves.

The Drums struggled for years to get noticed, even moving from their native Florida to New York. Releasing their debut album last year, the band were thrust into the limelight.

Eventually, the pressure told. Losing a guitarist, The Drums opted to continue as a three piece before inviting two new members on board.

Deciding to get straight back into the studio, new album 'Portamento' has a fraught back story. Yet by all accounts the band were simply relieved to focus on music, rather than endlessly explain their reconstituted line up.

The Drums released 'Portamento' this week, and reaction has been mixed. Sure, the band's glorious surf pop is still there but some elements of the album fall flat.

Handing the material over to some guest producers, the band have commissioned a series of remixes. Oxford based beatsmith Chad Valley is better known for his R&B derived sound, but the producer has agreed to tackle The Drums.

The results are pretty intriguing. Tackling new single 'Money' the Blessing Force member adds his own sound, retaining the joyous melodics but adding a rich, lush synth sound which drapes the cut in nostalgia.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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