The Giver

"An early summer evening festival tent best friends hugging each other saying 'I love you man! sooo much!"

Not our words. Sure, ClashMusic enjoy a wee hub in the evening as much as the next band of critics but, sadly, that description doesn't belong to us.

It belongs to Martyn. Who shares a similar opinion to Erol Alkan. Who is of a similar inclination to Brodinski. Whose views have much in common with...

You get the picture. They're talking about Duke Dumont's new cut 'The Giver' which has been causing gut busting reactions across Europe, stretching its feral charms over into North America.

Yet another vital cut on Tiga's resurgent Turbo Recordings imprint, 'The Giver' is set to gain an official release soon as part of the 'For Club Play Only Vol. 2'. Until then, you can just enjoy this stream and wait for the moment you get your own copy...


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