Moving Still

Throw away that eyeliner and stop smudging your lipstick, you do know you can be goth without being a complete social outcast, don’t you? Well, with Deaf Club it’s easier than ever to be moody and tortured but still look relatively average with their atmospheric and brooding music. But how do they achieve this sound? “Some of the vocals are recorded in a car straight into my Mac; we don’t work in a studio, we like our own settings and privacy,” says lead singer Polly Mackey. “We’re all about the production of it, so the guitar tones and drum sound is there from the beginning whilst we’re writing. I think that’s a really crucial part of our writing. We don’t just sit down with an acoustic guitar and write a song, it’s about the actual sound and production of it.”

These honest and simple beginnings also translate into their touring methods: “We’re staying at people’s houses or on floors. We had one show in York where we stayed at one of the friends of the band's Grandma’s house, so going from a gig and going to stay in a ‘50s kitchen was a bit surreal. I think we would get a bit bored if we were staying in hotels every night or on an actual tour bus. At the minute we’re in a soccer mom 4x4, so we can’t really sleep in that, but as long as we have a floor then all is good.”

This modesty and humbleness is strange for a new band, as a lot of new artists today come along with a holier-than-thou attitude and massive ego, stating that they are the saviors of new music, that they are here to wipe up all the pop and landfill indie bullshit, but not Deaf Club. “There’s so much good music at the moment. I can see why people are saying music is shit at the moment, because it’s only one thing in the mainstream pretty much. But if you step outside of that and look in places online and go out to gigs you can find so much amazing music. XL, Beggars Banquet and Domino are releasing absolutely incredible artists, people just aren’t seeing that. It just frustrates me when people say there isn’t good music anymore, because there really is.”

Well, here’s another band to add to that list.

Deaf Club are set to release new single 'Moving Still' / 'Lights' through Too Pure on July 16th.

Listen to 'Moving Still' now...

Where: Wales/London
What: Atmospheric and ambient guitar music
Get 3 Songs: Lights, Mirrors, Moving Still

Words by Jamie Carson

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