Blissful Swedish Electronics

Simian Ghost were never meant to get this far.

Initially proposed as a side project, the group sprang from the imagination of Sebastian Arnström of Aerial. Throwing himself into a new venture, Simian Ghost released an album in their native Sweden last year.

Scandinavian electro-pop, the obvious comparisons are to groups such as The Knife. However that wouldn't be entirely accurate, with Simian Ghost's downbeat vision of pop music drawing on a broad palette of influences.

The connections between indie rock and electronics recall Mount Kimbie, a band who Simian Ghost have performed live with. A times, the indefinable nostalgia recalls chillwave producers such as Washed Out, with Sebastian Arnström managing to capture some wistful longing for adolescence.

With their debut album set to gain a much wider re-issue, Simian Ghost are preparing to venture outside their native Sweden.

Snapped up by British label Heist Or Die, new EP 'Lovelorn' builds on the artistic success of their debut. A more concentrated blast from the Swedish group, Simian Ghost have provided an easy access point for fans wondering where the hype is coming from.

A well produced new EP, 'Lovelorn' matches strong songwriting to some impressive sonics. Taking another step forward, Simian Ghost could well progress further than even Sebastian Arnström imagined.

Taken from the new EP, 'Free Agent' is a blissful, down tempo introduction to Simian Ghost. Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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