Vancouver Based Futurist

Funny how blurred imaginary has reached such astonishing prominence.

From iPhone apps - step forward Instamatic - to guitar music - hello, shoegaze revival - it seems that people are increasingly focussed with imperfection, with interpreting reality as a blur.

Maybe it's a sign that the pace of day to day existence has increased, with our lives flooding by in the flow of commuter traffic. Or maybe it's a sign that we feel increasingly dis-connected from ourselves, with our infinite array of gadgets leading to more re-Tweets and less actual communication.

Now here comes Teen Daze. The Vancouver producer's gently blissful take on damaged electronics has been causing a stir online since 2010, when his tracks first interrupted the datacloud.

There's a club heart to what Teen Daze produces, but this isn't club music. Over a succession of EPs and one off tracks the Vancouver artist has refined something which is driving yet fragmented, with a nagging sense of nostalgia rippling over his productions.

Debut album 'All Of Us, Together' finds Teen Daze switching tact. Instead of looking backwards, the artist intends to project forwards - using his euphoric style to describe possible utopias.

A quote from Teen Daze: "I came upon an old book at a thrift store called 'Utopian Visions', an encyclopaedic volume of different views on what utopia might look like, which became a huge inspiration. Especially when considering the future of our world as it actually unfolds. We're becoming more and more self-reliant, more and more separated from our communities. I wanted to make a record that sounded more synthetic but also inviting—this is futuristic music with a heart."

'Erbstuck' is a superb starting point.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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Teen Daze is set to play the following shows:

9 London Lexington
10 Manchester Kraak Gallery
11 Newcastle Cluny 2

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