Counting Treasures

'The White Album' remains one of rock's totemic beasts, an album which is still gathering front covers more than forty years since it was released.

So when a group of Danish musicians decided to name themselves after it, they're hoisting themselves up on a considerable mantle. The White Album breezed into London for a showcase gig earlier this year, all hefty beards and choruses that reeked of long summer nights and fast departing youth.

Now the band have outlined plans for an actual, genuine record which you will be able to buy from actual genuine record shops. ‘Conquistador’ was - as legend has it - recorded in a log cabin, which seems to suit their woodsman vibe.

Containing six tracks, ‘Conquistador’ is an impressive opening document. Each song seems carefully hewn, with an obvious sincerity running through virtually everything The White Album place their name against.

Out on September 24th, ClashMusic have obtained an exclusive preview. 'Counting Treasures' is a wonderful introduction to the Danish group - rich, humane songwriting it's steeped in tradition but retains a very singular identity.

It's yours as a free download but you'd better hurry... we're taking it down after 24 hours!

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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