Dream Pop Pairing

One of the most striking things about the indie pop resurgence is just how dominant the American faction has been.

Way back when, Simon Reynolds helped to popularise the term 'Britpop' for the likes of Talulah Gosh, honing in on the elements of the scene which were quintessentially British. Now, the UK is beginning to piece together a new underground, a new network of fanzines, labels and bands.

In London, Cross Keys Records have done more than most to inject a sense of community into the indie pop scene. Gathering momentum, the imprint have slowly done their own thing, building up an identity built on taste rather than hype.

Their new signings fit right into this mould. Coves first started gaining attention last year with the release of a five track EP. Since then, Rebekah Wood and John Ridgard have been exploring new ideas, stockpiling fresh material and pondering their next move.

Completing work on their new EP, ‘Cast A Shadow’ is set to be ushered into the world by Cross Keys on May 28th.

The EP itself is a thing of beauty. All slow moving melodies, it seems to unfurl in gasps, with the dreamy pop tones of Coves matched by slivers of visceral noise.

As a special preview, ClashMusic has grabbed 'No Ladder'. Nestling on a simple bass line, Coves have a blissful, psychedelic touch with some backwards guitar snippets tearing away from the origami-like harmonies.

One of the stand-outs from their debut EP, this re-worked version seems to both enshrine the essential appeal of Coves whilst also pointing towards where they could progress. Fundamentally a beautiful pop song, it marks Rebekah Wood and John Ridgard out as potent sonic physicians - and British, to boot.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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