Jazz Outlaws Return

Jazz - the undiscovered country!

The history of jazz has been the history of challenging boundaries, of pushing back perceptions of race, gender and above all music. A loose knit London collective, Polar Bear mix jazz with frenetic punk funk.

An almighty racket, to some Polar Bear's music just affirms the vitality of jazz. New album 'Peepers' is a case in point. Released via the Leaf label it is a heady brew of wailing horns and pounding drums.

Moving from white noise to smooth grooves in the blink of an eye, it is as enriching as it is challenging. With leader Seb Rochford compiling an usual mixtape - think wonky hip hop and you'll be close - to accompany the album, it's clear that to Polar Bear that 'jazz' can mean anything they damn well please.

ClashMusic has grabbed a free download of title track 'Peepers'. Listen to it now... grab it HERE.


Big Chill Festival 2010

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