New Model

The future isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Post-Millennial ennui has settled across pop culture, with artists recognising that there may well by a dystopia - and we could be living in it. Jon Convex is an alter ego for Instra:mental producer Damon Kirkham, with the moniker fuelled by a love of distorted 80s science fiction movies.

New album 'Idoru' is a case in point. The name comes from the Japanese word for 'idol' and there's a sense of the future gone wrong, that biology and technology have been fused or mutated.

Certainly, that is evident in the sound. 'Idoru' contains the usual Jon Convex traits, but the textures are sheer tech-house: marrying the cerebral with the physical, the technical with the organic.

In a recent quote, Jon Convex emphasised that the new album is both a continuation of and a departure from his work with Instra:mental. "The album feels like a continuation of where I left of with the 'Resolution 653' album as Instra:mental. I've taken what I learned and moulded it to fit the direction I'm taking with Idoru. I've taken all my influences over the past 20 odd years and crafted an album that should appeal to both home listening and DJ abuse."

As a special preview, ClashMusic can offer up 'New Model'. A seductive piece of electronics with a palpable sense of decadence, it's our final Track of the Day this week.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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