So Calm

It’s about time we were a due a debut release worth getting excited about and Brighton based quintet Cave Painting, might just be what we’re looking for. The band are gaining some much deserved recognition after having consistently wowed fans at a string of live performances and now, the recent completion of debut album ‘Votive Life’, which has had all here at Clash table-tapping and nodding appreciatively all morning, stands to propel them into the media spotlight.

The album, which is due for release on Third Rock Records in late September, twists and tangles the concept of ‘genre’ by exploiting and combining various flavours of old and contemporary indie. Clash caught up with vocalist Adam Kane to hear his views on the band’s progress.

“Initially, the thought of making an album was quite scary for us, especially as we didn’t really know our producers Barney and Ian, but after a week or so there was no discomfort whatsoever. They made it really easy for us and the atmosphere was totally relaxed throughout the whole recording process”

The band have also boldly experimented with a rather odd array of instruments in the production of ‘Votive Life’, most notably with the inclusion of an African Marimba in current release ‘Gator’, which was acquired by keyboardist Sam after his mum brought it back from a trip in the Plateu Continent. The single can be downloaded from the band’s quirky website.

Having already played to packed out venues at The Great Escape Festival, Walk The Line in Holland, and more recently Sheffield’s Tramlines festival, the band are gearing up for what looks to be a fruitful period ahead.

“It can be quite daunting”, says Kane, upon being asked of his views on bands being hyped and labelled as ‘the ones to watch’, “to think that there are a load of people out there expecting so much from you, and it’s nice that people say stuff like that but we just prefer to get on with it and let people make up their own minds”.

The modest front-man is anything but egotistical, and is clearly happy to let the music do the talking, but we at Clash are confident the album will be a big hit, even if the first gig that Kane ever went to was an ABBA tribute concert.

Listen to new single 'So Calm' now...

Words by Josh Taylor

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