Animal Collective Solo Effort

With the release of 'Merriweather Post Pavillion' Animal Collective emerged as one of the most potent and influential acts of their generation.

Leaving sub-genres in their wakes, the album's groundbreaking mix of electronica and head-swirling psychedelia sounded like little else around. Taking time off to focus on solo projects, Avey Tare has re-emerged with something quite dark.

Inspired by a visit to the swamps of the deep South, Avey Tare began reflecting on some of the darker moments in his life. Drastically different in tone to 'Merriweather' the producer's new album 'Down There' is a complex, brooding work.

The tempos are slowed, inspired by Dilla's seminal slumped hip hop style. The murky synths could pass for a dubstep record, with Avey Tare ploughing through a myriad of electronic influences.

Yet that isn't to say that 'Down There' is a dance record - far from it. In fact, Avey Tare is again using electronic influences to re-focus his deeply psychedelic style of songwriting, fusing a lysergic approach with the laptop.

Turning the iPad into a brain melting sugarcube, 'Down There' is a bad trip, but like all bad trips not without its moments of beautiful clarity.

Taken from the album, 'Lucky 1' is a glistening slice of reflective electronica. Download it below...

Listen it now... Grab it HERE.

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