Something's happening in Birmingham - a slew of new groups are emerging, with high profile newcomers such as PEACE leading the way.

Next up: Jaws. Feral, fuzz pop youths the band's debut single 'Toucan Surf' is out now. Excitable sorts that we are, ClashMusic have obtained the exclusive stream of sugary sweet flip-side 'Donut'.

‘Donut’ from Jaws is the tune they crack out in live sets to break up their slew of dreamier numbers. It picks up the pace whilst still retaining their (nearly) trademark day-dream-y-ness. It does the same short and sweet job as a b-side to the band’s new single ‘Toucan Surf’ which is the closest thing they have come to a bona fide pop banger. It comes at a good time; summer is nearly over and so this double whammy of a single from Jaws is here to serenade your summer out.

Jaws encompass everything we love about bands such as Wild Nothing, Beach Fossils and Splashh. And so, if you find your ears becoming bored of said beach-bum bands, which you may do, Jaws are here with a fresh take on this Summer-y sound. ‘Donut’ is sweetly simplistic and will have your ears sizzling within its two minute, thirty eight second span.

Listen to it now...

Words by Jack Parker

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