FaltyDL Remix

Signed to Hot Flush, Mount Kimbie are mavericks even within the underground world of dubstep.

Live, the duo refuse to deal with dubplates and Pioneers, preferring instead to cut and paste their tracks live. Mixing live instrumentation with pre-programmed loops, their show is an intense yet down beat experience.

Aiming for the cerebral, techno inspired end of dubstep Mount Kimbie recently released two special remix EPs. Well respected within the bass world, a host of producers have stepped up to the plate to remix the duo's material.

Mount Kimbie have been remixed by the likes of James Blake, Instra:mental and more with New York's FaltyDL providing perhaps the pick of the bunch.

If you've heard his two Planet Mu album then you'll know what to expect from a FaltyDL remix - woozy post-garage beats which break Mount Kimbie to pieces before putting them back together in some unusual shapes.

Download it below...


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