John Talabot’s Ritual Reconstruction

It's beginning to hot up.

The sun is pounding down across the country, cracking pavements and drying up rivers. Appropriately enough, then, our final Track Of The Day this week is something nice and refreshing.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs has been on our radar for some time. The Oxford based producer released a number of tracks through Greco-Roman, sharing the collective's impish sense of humour and their total dis-regard for genre.

New single 'Tapes & Money' could see T-E-E-D bolt into the mainstream. The production is as tight as ever, with the track beginning to crank up plays in some of the more high profile radio slots.

Due for release on April 2nd, 'Tapes & Money' has been handed over to a number of guest producers. Eats Everything, MJ Cole and Casino Times have all contributed, but it's John Talabot's effort which has really caught our attention.

Very much a man of the moment, John Talabot's album 'Fin' is - quite rightly - being lauded by every critical outlet going. A superb mixture of blissful atmospherics and expert production, it's hazy, gently euphoric feel is completely contagious.

Supplied with the stems for 'Tapes & Money' John Talabot has injected something Balearic. His remix is like an over-exposed photograph, the sun bleaching everything into a pure, white light.

Stream it below.


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