Gritty, Sweaty R&B

Some things ain't ever gonna change.

Politicians will cheat, hangovers will hurt and the blues will remain the blues. In love with the Satanic sounds of the 12 bar, Broken Hands arrive steeped in fragrant rock lore.

Formed in Kent - well it had to start somewhere - the band started their own club night purely as a means to find somewhere to play. Honing their skills week after week, Broken Hands were able to earn their chops the hard way.

But this isn't some hard luck narrative. Broken Hands may have echoes of the past, but there's is a story which is unfolding on a day to day basis. A single last year on Edwyn Collins' AED imprint helped the band make a name for themselves, and after taking time to re-focus it seems that the quartet are ready for their next move.

'The Quadrangle Session EP' was recorded in Rockfield Studios with Tom Dalgety at the controls. A far heavier counterpoint to their debut single, the tracks ooze the same filthy glamour which drove early AC/DC and The Groundhogs.

Take lead cut 'Sorrow'. All Apache war drums and rolling guitar lines, this isn't something to be ignored. It's intense, it's in-yr-face and it's our latest Track Of The Day.

Photo Credit: Alexander Lejimps

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