Nashville Balladeers Return

Led by Kurt Wagner, Lambchop have a carefully constructed, impeccably observed back catalogue.

Retreating from the music industry after the death of a friend, Wagner opted instead to focus instead on visual arts. A respected painter, the songwriter was recently coaxed back into the studio after being approached by a former collaborator.

Lambchop member Mark Nevers urged Kurt Wagner to begin making music again. Refreshed after a spell working in a parallel discipline, the songwriter was able to power Lambchop through another vital album.

Describing the resulting sessions, Kurt Wagner explained the impact Mark Nevers had on the album. "His idea was a kind of ‘psycha-Sinatra’ sound, one that involved the arranging of strings and other sounds in a more open and yet complex way" said the singer.

"It was a studio creation, not a type of recording based on band performance, and this was a radical approach for us. I felt Lambchop had one more good record in us, and this time I was going to do things as directly and true to my desires as possible.”

Signed to City Slang, Lambchop will finally stir back into life next year with the release of 'Mr M'. Teasing fans with a short filmed trailer, the Nashville collective have also decided to give away the album's opening cut.

'If Not I'll Just Die' opens with a languid string passage, before Kurt Wagner's simple, tender vocals begin to intone a moving, deeply honest piece of songwriting. Grab it below...

Listen to it now... Download it HERE.

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