Piss-easy, this songwriting lark. Handful of chords, catchy melody, some words that don’t sound too daft… et voila! You’ve got yourself a song, with little to no rocket science involved. So why do so many bands get it so wrong? Maybe there’s something in this ‘talent’ notion that gets passed around so much.

Happily, Cardiff quartet Bedford Falls are unafflicted by trivialities such as duff tunes. After a decade on the DIY punk rock scene, their second album Elegant Balloons is ready to drop via the ever-excellent Boss Tuneage stable, and it’s pretty darn excellent.

Packing the hefty punch of Hüsker Dü’s finest works, it’s a record that fizzes and pops with the tuneful rush of prime Buffalo Tom – not to mention REM’s melancholic panache. Good old-fashioned college rock at its finest, basically.

The album was written in a burst of post-tour enthusiasm, following a jaunt around the US with like-minded Buffalo, NY types Failures’ Union, and sure enough the there’s an audible sense of gleeful purpose to the twelve songs contained therein.

You can get your hands on 'Elegant Balloons' from August 27th, but you can hear the storming opener ‘Cunningham’ right now. Sauntering out of the tracks with graceful confidence, it’s a guided missile heading straight for the hearts of Hold Steady fans everywhere.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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Words by Will Fitzpatrick

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