Leeds Conceptualists Return

Not many people tackle the concept album any more.

Not many people have the stamina, bravery or belief to fuse their music together into one, lingering idea. Yet I Like Trains do nothing but, with each album focussing on one central concept.

This time round, I Like Trains have decided to focus on the modern world's love / hate relationship with technology. Their third full length to date, 'The Shallows' finds the band moving in a slightly different direction.

Recorded in Wales with Richard Formby at the controls, 'The Shallows' is a complex, under-stated exploration of how technology interacts with everyday life. Finding the band moving further away from rock music than they have perhaps dared to before, I Like Trains fuse electronics with their always ambitious sound.

Lead single 'Mnemosyne' is a case in point. Originally a Greek goddess symbolising memory, the name has also been used by a computer program.

Designed as an aid for memory, I Like Trains flip this notion on its head and present a world where the imagination is digitised. 'Mnemosyne' is both a dream and nightmare - a place where no one forgets and no one needs to remember.

One of the central points of 'The Shallows' the single received its first place on Radio 1 recently. Now ClashMusic can present the first online stream - we can't help but wonder what I Like Trains feel about having their music frozen in eternity...

Listen to it now.


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